Trump’s Legal Saga Fuels Surging Popularity Wave

A recent report has revealed that the case against former President Donald Trump in New York civil court could actually boost his popularity among the American people. Despite all the liberal fake news and leftist witch hunts, as many as 53 percent of voters believe that Trump will not be convicted of any alleged crimes. Can you believe that? It’s just goes to show that the American people are smart and not fooled by the left’s narrative.

In addition to this, a whopping 54 percent of the voters are convinced that Trump’s legal troubles are purely politically motivated. And you know what? They’re absolutely right! The liberals will stop at nothing to try and take down Trump. But guess what? They won’t succeed. Trump confidently mentioned during a press conference that he would have no problem testifying because he knows he didn’t do anything wrong. And you know what else he said? He boldly stated that a potential conviction could actually make him more popular among the people. Now that’s what you call a strong and confident leader!

During the court ruling, Trump was given an incredible win by a New York appeals court, allowing him to post a bond of $175 million to cover the judgment. The court also delayed enforcement of the $464 million judgment by ten days. This means that Trump can continue to operate his business in New York and even obtain loans from New York financial institutions. That’s a big win for the former President, despite the left’s desperate attempts to bring him down.

Not only that, polls have shown that a majority of voters would actually choose Trump over President Joe Biden if a jury were to convict the former president. A Harvard Caps/Harris poll found that 54 percent of voters would vote for Trump, while only 46 percent would vote for Biden. It’s clear as day that the American people still have Trump’s back and are ready for him to make a comeback.

It’s no surprise that even Pollster Frank Luntz warned that all these court cases against Trump could actually benefit him politically. He mentioned that it could create the greatest victimhood of 2024 and ultimately help elect Donald Trump once again. The American people know the truth and they’re not falling for the left’s schemes. Trump will continue to rise in popularity, just like he always does, despite the left’s desperate attempts to bring him down. It’s going to take a lot more than that to stop the Trump train!

Written by Staff Reports

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