Heroic Armed Employee Saves Vegas Tower Residents

Another day, another armed attack halted by a brave hero with a firearm. On Friday, a crazed gunman entered the Turnberry Towers in Las Vegas, armed with an AR-15 and other weapons, ready to cause harm. Thankfully, one of the building’s employees, Humberto, was able to save the day.

According to KTNV, the gunman began firing at the front desk, shattering the glass but missing any innocent lives. Humberto, who was warning people about the gunman, didn’t stop there. He took action, firing at the armed man and causing him to flee the scene. Thanks to Humberto’s incredible bravery, the residents of Turnberry Towers are safe and sound.

It’s truly a miracle that more people weren’t hurt or killed in this unprovoked attack. A social media user claimed that the shooter was a resident who had no issues and came back with an AR-15, ready to harm innocent people. This just goes to show that danger can be lurking anywhere, even in your own home building.

Thankfully, Humberto was prepared to take on this evil. While the mainstream media will no doubt spin this story as yet another tragedy caused by firearms, true patriots like us know the truth: firearms in the hands of responsible, law-abiding citizens will always be the best defense against evil.

We salute Humberto for his bravery and quick thinking, and we hope that his story inspires more Americans to exercise their Second Amendment rights and protect their fellow citizens.

Written by Staff Reports

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