Fox Fumbles as New Lineup Tanks: Can’t Replace Tucker!

After cutting ties with Tucker Carlson in April, Fox News has finally released its new schedule, but a RedState piece by Nick Arama says they can't get Tucker Carlson out of their viewers' minds. Starting on July 17, Fox News will have a new schedule, with Laura Ingraham at 7, Jesse Watters Primetime at 8, Sean Hannity at 9, and Gutfeld! at 10. Trace Gallagher's night will end at 11 o'clock. Nick Arama, on the other hand, says that people won't forget the mess with Tucker Carlson and that it will be hard to replace him. He also says that Fox News' numbers have dropped since they stopped working with the conservative journalist, and that after 120 weeks, they are no longer in first place.

The article goes on to say that Fox News is reportedly demanding that all images and video of Tucker Carlson and violent crime footage with guns or shootings be taken out of an ad for Mayor of Miami and Republican presidential candidate Francis Suarez before it can be shown. This won't bring back old viewers, and the story says Tucker Carlson has started his own Twitter show that is doing better than Fox News. Fox News has filed a "cease and desist" order, but Carlson says they are not following their deal and should stop. The writer says that former Fox employees are also leaving to work for Tucker Carlson, which will make Fox News unhappy.

The article comes to the conclusion that Fox News can try to forget about Tucker Carlson and what happened, but it won't work, and Americans won't forget any time soon.

Written by Staff Reports

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