Exposed: Biden Donor Spills Truth on Corrupt Campaign & Hunter’s Bizarre Deal

A former high-level donor to President Biden has revealed the corrupt and illegal actions behind his campaign! Chris Tigani, a Delaware beer mogul, exposed the insidious conspiracy in a jaw-dropping interview with Fox News. Tigani revealed that after a campaign official, Dennis Toner, ordered him to conceal illegal donations from straw donors, the FBI approached him to wear a wire and interact with Biden’s campaign team. Tigani went on to have multiple interactions with Biden staff members while recording their conversations.

But once it got to Dennis and Joe, the entire investigation was called off, and the indictment was unsealed. Tigani claims that he did maybe five or six different appearances, but the targets that the FBI wanted to focus on just didn’t work out. This revelation is a bombshell, exposing Biden’s disturbing behavior and the clear cover-up that occurred to protect him.

Tigani went on to criticize the recent deal between Hunter Biden and federal prosecutors that will see the embattled first son serve no prison time over tax and firearms violations. Tigani expressed outrage at the leniency shown towards Hunter, highlighting how other people charged with tax crimes in the district all were charged with felonies. Hunter is the only person in 30 years to be charged as a misdemeanor. U.S. Attorney David Weiss has some explaining to do with respect to the public. Tigani previously told the New York Post that the only reason he went to prison and Hunter Biden didn’t was that “my name is Tigani, not Biden.”

This plea agreement does not absolve Hunter Biden from scrutiny, especially around an alleged bribe from a Ukrainian official. House Republicans are continuing their investigation of Hunter Biden’s overseas business dealings to expose the corruption and scandals that all too often seem to follow Joe Biden’s family members. President Biden has denied his knowledge of or participation with any illegal activity by his embattled son. However, this new information reveals the disturbing pattern that Biden’s campaign seems to follow of malfeasance, corruption, cover-ups, and dishonesty. America deserves leaders with integrity, not a family of crooks.

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