Trump Exposes Shocking Biden Corruption, Media Stays Silent on Hunter’s Charges

Donald Trump slams the Biden administration as the “most corrupt administration in the history of this country” following the lack of media coverage of Hunter Biden’s criminal charges. Hunter Biden was charged with falsifying tax returns and possessing a firearm illegally, yet the biased mainstream media has stayed silent. President Trump, speaking on Newsmax, exclaimed that millions and millions of dollars were paid to the Biden family and Joe, and the media doesn’t want to talk about it. Hunter Biden was finally under investigation since 2018 by the Internal Revenue Service, and despite reaching a plea deal with prosecutors, where he will only admit guilt on misdemeanor tax fraud charges and one felony firearms charge, instead of going to prison, he’ll only have to go to a pre-trial diversion program!

The biased Biden DOJ cleared up hundreds of years of criminal liability by giving mere traffic violation to Hunter Biden, showing that our system is BROKEN! President Trump also referenced allegations against President Joe Biden, saying that he accepted bribes from Ukrainian officials and will continue to keep him involved in his son’s case for the long haul. House Republicans, as we know, are continuing to call witnesses as they attempt to substantiate evidence from the FBI, which contained multiple allegations against Hunter Biden. James Comer, Oversight Committee Chair from Kentucky, also plans to call for testimony from Justice Department officials he said obstructed the government’s investigation into Hunter Biden.

The damning email exchanges prove that Hunter Biden and his business associates were keeping the Obama Administration abreast of their latest overseas business deals, providing Joe with advance notice about his son’s activity. Will Hunter Biden receive any consequences for his actions, or will he face the same two-tiered justice system that benefits the family of President Joe Biden? Stay tuned for more updates.

Source: Trending Politics

Written by Staff Reports

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