Hillary Slams Trump “Cult”, Gets Schooled by GOP Rep!

In a recent interview on the “Pod Save America” podcast, Hillary Clinton went after former President Donald Trump once again. This time, she directed her ire towards his supporters, whom she called a “cult”. Representative Byron Donalds (R-Fla.), who has endorsed Trump, responded to Clinton’s comments during a Fox Business appearance. Dubbing Clinton “largely irrelevant”, Donalds reminded the American public how Clinton lied, destroyed evidence, and laundered fake information. He also pointed out how Clinton did all this and still lost, so he was not interested in listening to her about whom to support or not. Donalds’ response was chef’s kiss perfection, leaving no stone unturned as he drove the message home.

Hillary Clinton continues her pattern of targeting her political enemies with what some have described as lethal precision and going full-blown corporatist while telling on herself in the process. Her comments about Florida supposedly not being “safe” made no sense, as minority communities in the state are doing well under Governor Ron DeSantis’ leadership, as even CNN pointed out. Clinton’s 2016 loss is a result of her own doing, as she lied to the American people repeatedly. Clinton even used our institutions to spy on her rival’s campaign. She should be looked at in the same light as Watergate and Nixon.

Donalds has made it clear that he is far from impressed with Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party’s tactics. He is not going to be swayed by their attempts to manipulate or shame Republicans into supporting them. The American people need to stand firm and say no to such tactics and to the double standards that exist in this country. Clinton is a largely irrelevant side player in American politics at this point, and her opinions on any issue should be taken with a grain of salt.

Written by Staff Reports

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