Hollywood Star Stranded: Biden’s EV Push Leaves Americans Powerless

It was the stuff of nightmares for one Hollywood star and a wake-up call for the rest of America: a faulty battery leaving him stranded along a desert highway outside Los Angeles. Marc Malkin, the E! host and entertainment news staple, found himself in a dire situation as his electric vehicle (EV) unexpectedly ran out of juice.

The story is as absurd as it is horrifying. Malkin’s harrowing ordeal was recounted by Page Six, quoting sources who described how his new EV died on January 5th while returning from the Palm Springs Film Festival. But never fear, Oscar winner Sean Penn swooped in to save the day and Malkin from an early desert grave.

Both Penn and his publicist Mara Buxbaum were conveniently charging their own vehicles nearby. Talk about luck! Malkin called for a tow truck, and fate intervened as he stumbled upon Penn and Buxbaum at the charging port. It turns out they had all forgotten to charge overnight. Classic.

But the story doesn’t end there. Malkin’s EV continued to struggle with holding a charge, prompting him to call the dealership that sold him the car. And what did they say? They dared to blame Malkin for this nightmare, claiming that the vehicle was struggling because he had let the battery drain all the way to empty. Can you believe it?

Luckily, Malkin’s quick thinking and the helpfulness of his newfound saviors, Penn and Buxbaum, saved the day. They not only offered him a push to a different charging station but also got behind the car and pushed it themselves. It’s almost comical, isn’t it? A Hollywood celebrity and his publicist playing the roles of real-life heroes.

While it ended well for Malkin and his glamorous entourage, their experience should serve as a cautionary tale. EVs may seem trendy and environmentally friendly, but what happens when you’re stranded in a barren desert with no charging infrastructure? And this is just one example. Over 3,000 auto dealers have recently written an open letter to President Joe Biden, begging him to slow down with his EV sales demands, citing the lack of charging stations across the country.

Even the Biden administration itself had a taste of this EV charging chaos when one of its top energy officials found herself fighting with regular American citizens for charging ports during a cross-country tour. It’s a clear sign that we’re not prepared for a massive shift to EVs. But who cares about inconvenient details when we can virtue signal and pretend that electric cars are the future?

The bottom line is this: Biden’s push for EVs is reckless. It’s a fairy tale that ignores the practical challenges and limits of electric cars. While Hollywood stars and the well-connected may get lucky with their charging mishaps, everyday Americans are left vulnerable to the whims of a technology that hasn’t been fully thought through. It’s time for Biden to slow down, listen to the concerns of auto dealers, and consider the impact of his green agenda on real people’s lives.

Written by Staff Reports

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