House GOP Demands FBI Files on Biden Family’s Alleged Foreign Cash Grabs

The House Judiciary Committee is on the prowl, demanding the FBI cough up some top-secret paperwork that could spill the beans on the sketchy deals allegedly netting the Biden family some big bucks from foreign players. They want access to an investigative form from back in March 2017, which supposedly hides juicy deets about Hunter Biden’s shenanigans in Ukraine.

Chairman Jim Jordan ain’t messing around – he’s shooting off a letter to FBI bigwig Christopher Wray, demanding they hand over the goods. Jordan’s not just spinning his wheels either. He’s got former U.S. Attorney Scott Brady backing him up, who spilled the tea to the Judiciary Committee about some eyebrow-raising stuff he stumbled upon during his Hunter Biden deep dive.

Brady wasn’t shy about dropping bombs during his testimony. He talked about how he hit roadblocks and red tape from the Department of Justice when looking into Hunter Biden’s Ukraine escapades. It was all “very unusual,” he said. But that didn’t stop him from sniffing out new info that had been buried, leading him to push the DOJ to dig deeper.

The hot item everyone’s clamoring for is an FD-1023 form, a piece of paperwork the FBI uses to document intel gathered from super-secret sources. It’s apparently the smoking gun that points fingers at Joe and Hunter Biden for allegedly taking bribes from a Ukrainian energy company. And these ain’t just any old bribes – we’re talking millions of dollars worth of dirty money.

But wait, there’s more. Former U.S. Attorney Brady also spilled the beans on an FD-1023 from 2020 that accused the big guy and his son of raking in bribes like it’s going out of style. This form dropped a bombshell, claiming that Joe and Hunter pocketed a cool $5 million each in bribes. Supposedly, the name of the game was using Daddy Biden’s authority to give a little leg-up to a Ukrainian energy outfit where his kid was sitting pretty on the board.

Now, House Republicans are giddy as a bunch of school kids on a field trip. They’ve been chomping at the bit for a chance to spill the beans on the Biden family’s supposed shady deals for months. And they’re drooling at the prospect of nailing the president with some good ol’ impeachment talk. The investigation is burning the midnight oil, zeroing in on three things: Did Joe Biden line his pockets while flexing his power? Did he throw his weight around to keep his son out of hot water? And did he have his hands elbow-deep in his family’s foreign money moves?

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