House Dems Signal Biden to Bow Out If Polls Sink Further After Debate Debacle

Well, folks, it looks like the Democrats just can’t catch a break with their aging figurehead, President Joe Biden. Twenty-five House Democrats are gearing up to urge Biden to ditch his re-election campaign after he face-planted during last week’s debate against former President Donald Trump. Does anyone else get the feeling Biden might be in over his head?

These Democrats aren’t throwing in the towel just yet, though. They’re adding a caveat: it’s only quitting time for Biden if he can’t convince Americans that his disastrous debate performance was just a fluke and not indicative of a larger cognitive issue. It might be a tough sell, considering his performance was more like a series of gaffes and blank stares blended into some sort of surreal political theater.

Reuters scooped this political drama, noting 25 Democratic members are ready to tell Biden to step aside if his campaign sputters any further in the coming days. One Democratic aide mentioned that moderate Democrats in swing districts were fielding an onslaught of concerned questions from constituents this week. It’s almost as if their base is finally realizing Biden might not be the sharpest knife in the drawer.

At the now-infamous CNN debate, Biden meandered through his thoughts like a lost toddler in a supermarket. He stumbled through sentences and even concluded a bizarre healthcare rant with, “We finally beat Medicare.” One could argue that was the most coherent thing he uttered all night. Meanwhile, Trump didn’t miss a beat, jesting that Biden indeed beat Medicare, but in a “destroying it” kind of way.

Public opinion seems to be on the same page. A Yahoo News/YouGov poll conducted after the debate painted a grim picture: 60 percent believe Biden is unfit for another term. The poll surveyed 1,754 U.S. adults and revealed that just 24 percent think he’s fit for the job, while 16 percent are unsure. So, there’s a sliver of hope left for the Biden camp – but it’s a small, dim one.

Even the New York Times acknowledged that Biden confided in a key ally, admitting he might be toast if he can’t turn things around quickly. His next public appearances, including an interview with George Stephanopoulos and campaign stops in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, better go off without a hitch. No pressure, Joe, but your political future is hanging by a thread thinner than Hunter Biden’s excuses.

Adding injury to incompetence, Biden blamed his embarrassing debate performance on jet lag. Yes, you read that right. He claimed his whirlwind travel schedule left him sleep-deprived. Between commemorating D-Day in France and hobnobbing with the G7 in Italy, Biden just couldn’t catch enough Z’s. He might want to consider a travel pillow next time or, better yet, a permanent one.

But wait, there’s more. Biden’s retreat to Camp David for eleven days pre-debate was supposedly to allow ample prep time. Instead, it appears he took time for naps and light schedules. His aide, Andrew Bates, laughingly tried to clean up the mess, arguing that Biden’s day started “well before” 11 and included exercise. Maybe Biden should consider a more rigorous regimen if he plans to survive another round in the political arena.

Democratic governors are set to huddle with Biden to discuss his precarious candidacy. From Gavin Newsom to Gretchen Whitmer, the Dems are pulling out the big names in hopes of salvaging what remains of Biden’s re-election bid. It’s almost like watching the Titanic, except this time, it’s a political party navigating an iceberg named Joe.

Written by Staff Reports

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