More Democrats Urge Biden to Step Aside as Election Looms

In the ongoing saga of Democrats trying to find a way to oust Joe Biden from the presidential ticket, another shoe has dropped. Rep. Raúl Grijalva (D-AZ) has joined the chorus of voices suggesting that it might be time for Biden to step aside in order to give Democrats a better shot at the White House.

After the first call came from Rep. Lloyd Doggett (D-TX), Grijalva’s statements add more pressure on Biden to consider his position. Grijalva emphasized that while he would support Biden if he remained the candidate, he believed that this moment presented an opportunity for Democrats to explore other options.

The concerns over Biden’s performance and mental acuity were underscored by Rep. Jared Golden’s (D-ME) op-ed, in which he acknowledged the fallout from the debate but stopped short of calling for Biden’s withdrawal. Golden, however, expressed a certain level of acceptance towards a potential Trump victory, dismissing claims that it would signify a unique threat to democracy. 


The sense of urgency within the Democratic Party is palpable, with reports indicating that at least 25 Democrats in competitive districts are considering drafting a letter to push Biden to bow out of the race. Despite Biden’s insistence on staying in and fighting for the presidency, the mounting pressure suggests that his political future hangs in the balance, particularly as the specter of a second disastrous debate looms over his campaign.

Written by Staff Reports

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