Kamala Harris Stumbles as VP Choice Based on Identity Politics Not Merit

Kamala Harris’s short-lived presidential campaign was a spectacular crash and burn before it even got the chance to touch down in her home state of California. With zero delegates and a wallet as empty as Joe Biden’s promises, Harris was as popular as a root canal. Yet, despite her campaign being on life support, Harris still held two cards up her sleeve – her gender and race.

With Joe Biden on the lookout for a running mate based more on identity politics than actual qualifications, Harris saw a glimmer of hope as a potential VP pick. While some may scoff at the VP role as worth less than a bucket of spit, Harris knew that being just a heartbeat away from the presidency was nothing to sneeze at. Her only winning qualities seemed to be checking the boxes of diversity, and she fit the bill perfectly for the role of VP – or, as some may say, the warm bucket of spit.

But as Harris soon discovered, being chosen for her demographics rather than her abilities came with a heavy price. Her dismal poll numbers paint a clear picture of her unpopularity, and her lackluster performance in the VP role has only further solidified her reputation as a political liability. Whether it’s her nasally voice spouting empty slogans or her baffling use of nonsensical phrases, such as “unburdened by what has been,” Harris consistently misses the mark when it comes to public speaking. 


Despite her outward support for Biden, it’s no secret that Harris has her eyes set on the ultimate prize – the presidency. With Biden’s mental acuity being a daily question mark, Harris stands on deck, ready to step into the top job at a moment’s notice. And while she may toe the line in public, declaring her loyalty to Biden and their shared goals of defeating Trump, it’s clear that Harris is playing the long game, waiting for her shot at the Oval Office.

In the world of politics, where ambition often trumps loyalty, Harris is biding her time, waiting for the opportunity to seize power. While she may claim to support Biden wholeheartedly, her actions speak louder than her carefully crafted words. As she continues to wait in the wings, Harris can only imagine the day when she will no longer be burdened by the shadows of the past administration, but instead, stand at the helm as the first female president.

Written by Staff Reports

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