Biden Gathers Democratic Governors as Calls for Resignation Amplify

President Joe Biden is set to huddle with a mostly full house of Democratic governors on Wednesday night. As the chorus of voices calling for his resignation grows louder from all sides of the political spectrum, Biden is opting to cling to support from the dwindling few still loyal to his administration.

Out of the 23 Democratic state governors, only Wisconsin’s Tony Evers is making a conspicuous no-show at the White House’s Roosevelt Room. Evers remains cozily occupied at a Wisconsin dairy rather than venturing to help Biden retool his sagging political fortunes. This absence comes as a curious snub from a governor of a crucial swing state, further highlighting the chaos within the Democratic Party. One has to wonder what kind of dairy products are enough to keep Evers away from a pleading President.

The remaining squad of 22 Democratic governors are doing their best to muster support either in person or virtually. Among the attendees, expect to see the usual suspects like California’s sanctimonious Gavin Newsom and New York’s beleaguered Kathy Hochul. They’ll be joined by Illinois’ surprisingly silent J.B. Pritzker, Michigan’s mishandling Gretchen Whitmer, and a handful of others who seem hell-bent on tying their fortunes to an unpopular president.

Biden’s daytime agenda is filling with what can only be seen as desperate attempts to keep his ship from sinking. But one has to ask, if dramatic denouncements like Evers’ dairy visit are popping up left and right, how much longer can Biden ignore the writing on the wall? Even Kentucky’s Andy Beshear has hinted that these governors are risking their own brands by sticking their necks out for Biden—speaking volumes about loyalty when one realizes “loyalty” seems more like a means to an end.

Reports from Tuesday evening underscore the tenuous grasp Biden has, as governors like Pritzker and Beshear insist on needing “direct and candid conversations.” In political speak, that’s a polite way of saying, “time to get your act together, Joe.” Their strained endorsements underscore the divided nature of the Democratic Party as it lurches toward the next election cycle with plans more wobbly than a wheel-less wagon.

Looking to alternatives, whispers of Vice President Kamala Harris being the favored heir-apparent make one wonder if she’s preparing to climb aboard a sinking ship. Add contenders like Newsom and Whitmer, who appear ready to pounce into the mix, and the internal contention becomes palpable. The Democratic house appears anything but united. The real spectacle will be in the coming days: Does Biden bow out gracefully, or does he choose to sink and take his party with him? The popcorn is ready, and America waits.

Written by Staff Reports

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