Rep. Turner Demands Biden Admin Disclose Hunter’s Classified Info Access

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Turner is calling out the Biden Administration, demanding answers on what classified information, if any, Hunter Biden may have been privy to during meetings with President Joe Biden. Turner’s demand, directed at the White House chief of staff, Jeff Zients, highlights the increasing concerns over the younger Biden’s unexpected presence in official gatherings.

Turner’s letter implores for a full account of the classified information disclosed during these head-scratching meetings. News has surfaced that White House staffers were caught off guard by Hunter’s sudden appearances, leaving them questioning what exactly is going on. One might even say they’re echoing a national sentiment of bewilderment: what in the world is happening?

The White House press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, confirmed this week that Hunter Biden was indeed in the room with the President as he prepped for a prime-time speech responding to the Supreme Court decision on presidential immunity. Hunter has been advising his father closely, tagging along during significant moments, including a presidential debate. Jean-Pierre tried to play down the scenario, suggesting that Hunter merely spent family time that night. But the optics raise more questions than they settle.

Adding fuel to the fire, Hunter Biden was also spotted back at the White House, making an appearance posthumously during a medal ceremony honoring Union soldiers. Turner finds it deeply disturbing to discover the first son’s role in these meetings. He is seeking urgent clarification on his participation in official business and whether any classified information has been disclosed.

Hunter Biden’s tangled history with foreign business dealings, particularly his stint on the board of Burisma, has made him a focal point for House Republicans. The first son’s recent legal woes concerning a 2018 gun purchase only add layers of controversy to the Biden family saga. Despite repeated claims from Joe Biden that no business discussions occur between him and his son, the younger Biden’s unexpected White House cameos have Republicans raising alarm bells.

The Washington Examiner reached out to the White House for comment, but given recent performances; one can only guess what kind of spin they’ll put on this latest episode of Hunter-Biden-Gate.

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