Hunter Biden Battles IRS: Victim Card or Tax Dodger?

Hunter Biden, the notorious son of President Biden, is at it again with his endless lawsuits. This time, he’s taking on the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) because he’s just so convinced that they violated his privacy rights as a taxpayer. It’s almost comical how he tries to play the victim card every chance he gets.

According to The Washington Post, Hunter Biden is whining that when IRS agents expressed their concerns about the mishandling of his investigation to Congress and the media, they disclosed confidential information about his taxes. Well, Mr. Biden, perhaps if you had nothing to hide in the first place, there wouldn’t have been anything to disclose. It’s clear that he thinks the law should bend to his will, protecting him from any scrutiny. Sorry, Hunter, but privacy rights don’t mean you can evade taxes without consequences.

But hold on, because it gets even juicier. Two brave IRS whistleblowers, Gary Shapley and Joe Ziegler, had the audacity to testify that Hunter Biden received special treatment and that the investigation into his tax evasion was politically influenced. Can you believe the nerve of these guys, exposing the truth about the golden child of the Democratic Party? This is nothing short of whistleblower intimidation, according to George Washington University Law Professor Jonathan Turley.

And the plot thickens! Just after their testimonies, Hunter Biden’s sweetheart plea deal fell apart in federal court. It seems like the walls are closing in on him, and he’s desperately fighting to maintain his privileged position. But the truth has a way of exposing itself, doesn’t it?

Now, Special Counsel David Weiss is back on the case, examining Hunter Biden’s finances and potential charges in multiple states. It’s quite ironic how the statute of limitations expired due to the slow walking of the investigation by the Department of Justice (DOJ) when Hunter Biden owed a whopping $145,000 in unpaid taxes on $400,000 of income. How convenient for him, isn’t it? Apparently, being the son of a prominent politician gets you a free pass when it comes to fulfilling your tax obligations.

Representative Michael Turner had the courage to question Hunter Biden’s unpaid taxes, attempting to categorize it as a loan from Burisma. Both whistleblowers confirmed that he did, in fact, owe a hefty sum to the IRS. But thanks to the DOJ’s negligence, Hunter Biden managed to evade justice once again. It’s a clear case of powerful elites protecting their own.

It’s truly mind-boggling how Hunter Biden continues to dodge accountability at every turn. While hardworking Americans are held to the highest standards when it comes to their taxes, the Biden family seems to play by a different set of rules. It’s time for the American people to wake up to these blatant examples of corruption and demand equal treatment under the law. We can’t let the privileged few escape the consequences of their actions any longer.

Written by Staff Reports

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