Whistleblower Lawyer Crushes Hunter Biden’s IRS Lawsuit Ploy!

Hunter Biden’s legal woes continue as he sues the IRS, claiming that whistleblowers violated his privacy rights by releasing information about his taxes to congressional investigators. It’s no surprise that Joe Biden’s son is once again trying to play the victim card and deflect attention from his own legal problems. This lawsuit is nothing more than a frivolous smear attempt by the Biden family.

But let’s look at the facts. The whistleblowers, Gary Shapley and Joseph Ziegler, followed the proper legal channels to speak to Congress. They did their duty to expose any wrongdoing they saw in the handling of Hunter Biden’s case. It’s absurd for Hunter Biden to claim that they were trying to “smear” him when all they did was share information that Congress itself had not released.

It’s also worth noting that Hunter Biden’s legal team has a history of trying to distract from their own issues. They seem to think that going on offense is the best defense. But the American people aren’t fooled. We see through these tactics and know that this lawsuit is nothing more than a desperate attempt to shift the narrative away from Hunter Biden’s questionable activities.

I have no doubt that the whistleblowers will not be intimidated by this lawsuit. They have done nothing wrong and have followed the proper procedures. I would not be surprised if this lawsuit is quickly dismissed and Hunter Biden is once again left facing the consequences of his own actions. The Biden family can try all they want to avoid accountability, but the truth will always come out.

Written by Staff Reports

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Hunter Biden Battles IRS: Victim Card or Tax Dodger?