Hunter Biden Found Guilty of Federal Gun Charges, Biden Vows No Pardon

This week, Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden, was found guilty of three federal felony gun charges. The charges could lead to a lengthy prison sentence and a big fine. President Biden declared that he would not give his son a pardon using his presidential powers of clemency. Despite this, he did not rule out the chance of lessening Hunter’s sentence in the future, as reported by Breitbart.

President Biden implied that the Justice Department’s actions against his son were because of politics, even though it is his own department, led by his chosen people, that tried but did not succeed in clearing Hunter of major legal issues with a plea deal that fell apart under scrutiny last year. This situation goes to show the importance of upholding the law no matter one’s political affiliations.

Politico shared that President Biden and his team closely followed Hunter’s trial on gun charges in Delaware, where he was found guilty. The president gave a speech on gun control afterward but did not mention his son’s situation. Biden’s apparent focus on his son’s legal problems raises questions about using his influence as president.

House Republicans revealed that the Department of Justice deliberately delayed and interfered in a lengthy investigation of Hunter Biden to let the statute of limitations run out on his serious alleged crimes. The attempt to secure a favorable plea deal for Hunter, which included immunity from future prosecutions, did not work out due to a judge’s concerns about the unusual agreement and not because of any electoral reasons.

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre avoided questions about whether President Biden’s promise not to pardon Hunter extended to commuting any potential sentence. With Hunter facing a possible long prison term and a significant fine, the focus remains on what actions President Biden may take regarding his son’s conviction. It is crucial for the justice system to operate independently and without political interference, ensuring fairness for all individuals.

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