Senator John Fetterman in Car Crash Due to Speeding Again

Senator John Fetterman from Pennsylvania recently was in a car crash on the weekend. The police report says he was driving too fast and this could have put his wife and others in danger. This means he was going even faster than what was allowed on the road.

Fetterman and his wife were in a Chevrolet Traverse when they hit another car on I-70 in Maryland. They were both taken to the hospital but only had minor injuries. It’s good that they are okay now.

It’s not the first time Fetterman has been in trouble for speeding. The news says he got two tickets before for driving much faster than he should. This is not good because it’s important for everyone to follow the rules on the road to keep everyone safe.

This news story shows that even important people like senators can make bad choices when driving. It’s a reminder for everyone to be careful on the road and follow the speed limits. Driving too fast can be dangerous for everyone.

Written by Staff Reports

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