Hunter Biden Influences White House Amid Joe Biden’s Struggles and Ongoing Turmoil

A recent report by NBC News, relying on undisclosed sources, suggests that Hunter Biden has significantly increased his involvement in Joe Biden’s White House affairs following the less-than-stellar debate performance last week. The report indicates that Hunter has been attending meetings with President Biden and his top aides, raising eyebrows among White House staff.

Apparently, since the President’s return from Camp David, Hunter has been a regular presence in discussions and is even said to be advising his father closely. It’s worth noting that his presence in these high-level meetings is considered unusual, with insiders noting his active participation in the President’s decision-making processes.

The report goes on to mention that Hunter is expected to remain by his father’s side during the Independence Day weekend, taking part in White House events. The irony of a convicted felon advising the President, especially in light of recent events involving Donald Trump, is not lost on observers. However, in the Biden circle, Hunter seems to have earned a trusted advisor status, thanks to his undeniable intelligence. 


This latest revelation joins a string of negative stories surrounding Joe Biden, adding to Tuesday’s barrage of bad press. The swift turnaround from Monday’s relative stability is concerning, underscoring the ongoing turmoil within the administration. The current state of affairs, while somewhat comical, carries serious implications for the country, a situation exacerbated by the Democrats’ refusal to accept the outcome of the 2016 election.

Written by Staff Reports

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