Biden Blames Travel for Debate Missteps Amid Campaign Turmoil

President Joe Biden’s shaky debate performance wasn’t his fault. Blame it on his jam-packed travel schedule. At a cozy fundraiser in McLean, Virginia, Biden confessed to donors that he wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed that night. Somehow, he thought it was a brilliant idea to debate after gallivanting around the globe, even though he had a full 11 days to recover from his jet-setting adventures.

Biden said he buzzed around the world a couple of times just before the debate, ignoring his staff’s sage advice. Predictably, he nearly dozed off on stage. His whirlwind five-day tour in June took him from the G7 summit in Italy, then zipping back across nine time zones to Los Angeles, and finally hopping three time zones forward to Washington, D.C. Someone needs to tell Sleepy Joe that even seasoned travelers know to rest up before a big event.

Biden insists it’s not an excuse, just an explanation. Imagine that: the leader of the free world needs to justify his own blunders by blaming a travel schedule that everyone else seems to handle just fine. After all, it’s “critical” to win the election, yet his performance suggests he’s more concerned with collecting frequent flyer miles than staying awake on stage.

After briefly addressing the crowd for about six minutes, Biden made a quick exit. Tuesday was particularly grueling for his 2024 campaign. The damage control team is working overtime, but the cracks in the strategy are widening faster than California’s potholes.

Adding fuel to the fire, Biden faced a barrage of negative press coverage, calls from Democratic contenders to step aside, and a significant legal win for Donald Trump. To cap it off, Tuesday might just go down as one of the most challenging days in Biden’s entire campaign season. It seems jet lag is the least of his worries.

Written by Staff Reports

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