McCarthy Scores Win as Trump Endorses McGuire over Good in Virginia

Kevin McCarthy finally gets a big win, bagging the scalp of one of those eight pesky Republicans who voted to kick him out as House Speaker. Surprise, surprise, Virginia Rep. Bob Good is shown the door after losing to state Sen. John McGuire by a razor-thin margin of 374 votes. Good might be busy licking his wounds, but hey, a recount is on the cards—so never say never.

The good folks over at McCarthy’s donor network poured some serious cash into this race, creating a tsunami of anti-Good and pro-McGuire ads. But let’s be real: the real game-changer here was former President Donald Trump’s endorsement of McGuire. When Trump says jump, many Republicans ask “How high?” Apparently, Rep. Matt Gaetz thinks Trump deserves the trophy on this one, not McCarthy.

Florida GOP rep and thorn in McCarthy’s side, Matt Gaetz, along with Rep. Ryan Zinke, who emptied his PAC coffers against Good, both chimed in that all the credit goes to the Trump Train. Gaetz led the charge to boot McCarthy from his Speaker seat, so his delight in McCarthy’s limited success is about as sincere as a swamp creature’s promise to drain the swamp.

McCarthy admits, somewhat grudgingly, that Trump’s endorsement packs a wallop, proven again when his attempt to take out Rep. Nancy Mace flopped spectacularly. Despite dumping cash on Catherine Templeton, she lost to Mace by staggering, jaw-dropping 27 points. Afterward, McCarthy philosophically noted on Fox News that Trump’s endorsement is “very strong.” No kidding.

In light of Trump’s powerful backing, McCarthy zeroed in on the race against Good as the prize on his vengeance tour. With Trump’s co-sign, the race against Good was the “big one.” Good, however, insists McCarthy’s sole involvement was funneling truckloads of external money to hoodwink the district’s voters about his record. According to Good, McCarthy couldn’t be bothered to actually campaign in the district. Why show up in person when you can just bankroll ads, right?

McGuire distanced himself from any tight alliance with McCarthy. He described his interactions with McCarthy as a series of high-fives and pep talks more than strategic masterminding. Meanwhile, members of the House Freedom Caucus, championed by Good, lauded his resilience in the face of the Trump-McCarthy blitzkrieg.

On the other side of the aisle, Wisconsin Rep. Derrick Van Orden relished the sight of Good getting booted, likening him to a saboteur on his team. McCarthy might not win MVP of this primary season, but at least he can take comfort in Good’s exit.

With this skirmish over, McCarthy and his allies are eyeing two more upcoming primaries: Arizona’s 2nd District and Florida’s 1st District. In both races, he’s backing challengers to Gaetz and Rep. Eli Crane. The contests aren’t looking as cutthroat as Virginia’s, but hey, the political battlefield is as unpredictable as ever.

The bottom line is, McCarthy may have bagged one “scalp,” but the jury’s out on whether he has the chops to navigate these turbulent political waters. His ongoing feud with the anti-establishment wing only promises more fireworks for conservative spectators. It’s enough to make even the most casual observer grab a popcorn bucket and watch the drama unfold.

Written by Staff Reports

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