Hunter Biden’s Day of Reckoning: House Panel to Enforce Justice

The House Judiciary Committee has called for a hearing to finally hold Hunter Biden accountable for his shady behavior. The committee is set to kick off the proceedings bright and early at 10 in the morning at Capitol Hill in the nation’s capital.

This whole shebang comes after Hunter Biden pulled a stunt last month, showing up outside the Capitol building like he owned the place and demanding a public hearing, all the while giving the monumental middle finger to the committee’s request for a closed-door deposition. Now, the committee wants to slap him with a resolution for being in contempt of Congress due to his blatant refusal to comply with the subpoena.

It’s about time someone put their foot down with this guy. The audacity he has shown by openly flouting the rules and skirting accountability is downright disrespectful. It’s like he thinks he’s above the law or something. But no more! The House Judiciary Committee is ready to show him that he can’t just do whatever he pleases without facing the consequences.

Hopefully, this hearing will finally bring Hunter Biden to heel and hold him responsible for his actions. It’s time for some accountability around here, and it looks like the House Judiciary Committee is ready to deliver.

Written by Staff Reports

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