Hunter Biden Skates as GOP Drops Hammer in Daring Showdown

In a bold and completely justified move, Republican lawmakers took on the infamous Hunter Biden at a hearing on Wednesday, calling for him to be held in contempt of Congress for blatantly defying a congressional subpoena. It was certainly a sight to behold as Hunter Biden, along with his lawyer, Abbe Lowell, and his so-called “sugar brother,” Kevin Morris, shamelessly showed up at the hearing as if they hadn’t done anything wrong.

The bravery and strong stance of the Republican leaders could have sent the House Sergeant at Arms to arrest and detain Hunter for his refusal to comply with the subpoena, but unfortunately, the privilege of the elite allowed Hunter to slither away scot-free. Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC) bravely called out Hunter Biden, standing up for justice and accountability in the face of such disgraceful behavior. She firmly expressed that Hunter should be arrested on the spot and thrown in jail for his contemptuous actions.

When Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) began to speak, Hunter and his entourage promptly fled the scene, showcasing their cowardice and inability to face the truth. Greene rightfully pointed out Hunter’s smug demeanor and his hasty exit when confronted with accountability and responsibility. And who can forget the impactful moment when Greene boldly displayed a photo of Hunter engaging in unsavory activities, exposing the shocking truth about his illicit actions.

Furthermore, it comes as no surprise that a significant number of Democrat voters agree that Hunter Biden should comply with the lawful subpoena and participate in both a closed-door deposition and a public testimony as part of the House impeachment inquiry. The Harvard Caps/Harris poll highlighted the clear consensus among partisans that Hunter should face prosecution if he continues to evade accountability. It’s time for the Biden family to own up to their wrongdoings and face the consequences of their shady business dealings and illicit financial transactions.

House investigators have taken a firm stance on probing the Biden family, revealing shocking details about Joe Biden’s receipt of money from James and Hunter Biden, along with payments to nine additional Biden family members from their dubious foreign business ventures. The evidence against Joe Biden and his entanglement in these sordid affairs continues to mount, underscoring the urgent need for a thorough investigation into the Biden family’s nefarious activities.


Written by Staff Reports

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