Trump Warns Europe: Defend Yourselves or We’re Out of NATO!

Former President Donald Trump has once again sparked controversy, allegedly vowing to leave Europe high and dry in the event of an attack. According to French European Commissioner Thierry Breton, at a 2020 World Economic Forum meeting, Trump made it clear that the U.S. would not come to Europe’s aid. In fact, he reportedly declared that NATO was “dead” and threatened to abandon the alliance altogether.

Breton’s account of the tense encounter paints a troubling picture, as he claims Trump berated European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and former EU trade chief Phil Hogan, asserting that the U.S. had been unfairly burdened with footing the bill for European defense. This is not the first time Trump has railed against NATO members for not meeting their financial obligations, and it seems he’s not backing down from his position.

The former president’s disdain for NATO has been a consistent theme throughout his political career. From calling the alliance “obsolete” to questioning the U.S.’s involvement and financial burden, Trump has made it clear that he believes America is getting a raw deal. Even though there have been differing accounts and public statements on the matter, one thing is certain: Trump’s stance on NATO has been a point of contention for years.

It seems that despite pressure from within his administration and world leaders, Trump’s determination to reconsider America’s role in NATO remains steadfast. Reports suggest that he was even considering withdrawal during his first term in office and that he may once again pursue this course of action if reelected in 2024. With Breton’s warning that Europe may be left to fend for itself, the stakes are high and the implications are significant.


Written by Staff Reports

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