Hunter Biden’s Defense Team Tried Intimidating DOJ, Claims Insider

Hunter Biden’s defense team has shown what some are calling “arrogance” in their dealings with the U.S. Department of Justice. Byron York of The Washington Examiner points out that the team believed they could “threaten” the Justice Department, and it seemed to be working. There were reports that the Justice Department was initially prepared to let Hunter Biden off without any charges. However, after a pair of whistleblowers from the IRS spoke out to House Republicans, accusing the Justice Department of special treatment, they ended up charging Hunter Biden with two minor charges.

The legacy media’s coverage of Hunter Biden’s foreign business activity has also been called into question. In a clip shown during a segment on Fox News, a CNN host admitted that “Trump was right” about Hunter Biden making money from China. This admission, along with the statement of facts in the plea agreement, makes it difficult to deny that Hunter Biden was involved in lucrative foreign deals. It also suggests that Joe Biden was involved in discussing business matters with his son and his associates, contradicting his previous denials.

Republican lawmakers have been investigating Hunter Biden’s business deals and the extent of his father’s involvement for months. Rep. James Comer recently claimed that Joe Biden used multiple aliases when emailing his son, indicating a potential level of secrecy. Comer also stated that more details about Hunter Biden’s emails would be revealed to the House Oversight Committee soon.

Despite the ongoing investigations, Joe Biden has refused to comment, stating that he has no comment on any ongoing investigations and that it is up to the Justice Department. However, these investigations could have significant implications for the Biden family and their credibility.

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