Yolo County Library Attacks Constitutional Rights of Liberty Loving Moms!

According to the Yolo County Public Library system, "Libraries are for everyone." However, over the weekend, the MFL Yolo Chapter learned that they weren't all that inclusive.

The group known as Moms for Liberty had reserved a room at the library to host a free event entitled "Forum on Safe and Fair Sport for Girls." However, the library noted that they were not sponsoring the event and that their presence did not endorse their policies and beliefs. The staff members of the library believed that the organization had done enough to distance itself from the group, but they were not pleased by this decision.

A woman named Sophia Lorey was asked to leave a lecture by a library staff member who said she was misgendering by referring to men as competitors in women's sports. The staff member cited a state law against discriminating against people based on their gender identity. A lawyer from California noted that such laws don't exist in the state. The library should refrain from implementing rules based on one's viewpoint.

Due to the fact that the group was labeled a hate organization by the Southern Poverty law center, it has been targeted by leftist groups. Whenever the organization hosts an event, members of the LGBTQ and Drag Queen movements show up. It's clear that these liberal protestors are trying to silence conservative voices.

It's time for the Yolo County government to respect the rights of groups such as the MFL. The public libraries should be places where everyone can come and hear their ideas. It's also time to stop censoring the group and allow them to participate in the discussion.

Written by Staff Reports

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