Hutchinson Doubts Trump’s Qualifications: Ultimate Betrayal or Just Jealousy?

Republican presidential candidate Asa Hutchinson is apparently living in a fantasy world if he thinks he has a shot at winning the GOP nomination, according to Mike Miller, a conservative news writer. Miller humorously imagines himself advising Hutchinson against running for president, stating, “Oh, hell no.” Miller’s opposition to Hutchinson centers on the former governor’s dislike of Donald Trump and his belief that Trump is not even constitutionally eligible to be president again.

Hutchinson cites the 14th Amendment and legal scholars as the basis for his argument that Trump’s actions on January 6th disqualify him from seeking the presidency. Miller refuses to take a stance on this matter, leaving it to the supposed “keyboard jockeys” to argue about. However, he does predict that lawsuits will be filed against Trump, putting his qualifications under the Constitution in jeopardy. Meanwhile, Miller mentions the federal indictment of Trump by Special Counsel Jack Smith on charges of conspiracy to “defraud the United States,” but, true to his conservative bias, he brushes it off and focuses on enjoying his popcorn.

Written by Staff Reports

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