ICE Releases 43 Illegal Immigrants After Judge Dismisses Charges on Technicality

Dozens of illegal aliens who brazenly stormed the U.S.-Mexico border in March were released into the country, according to a report from the New York Post. Apparently, compassionate sieves are now a part of the national security strategy. An Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) spokesperson confirmed this astonishing leniency.

In a plot twist that only adds to the comedy of errors, a judge in El Paso dismissed the criminal charges against all the border-crossers on a technicality in May. It’s as if border laws are now written in invisible ink. Following this judicial Houdini act, these illegal immigrants were released from state custody and handed over to ICE. A mere 43 of them were then reportedly released into the general populace.

ICE claims they make these decisions on a “case-by-case basis,” which sounds more like they’re pulling names out of a glove compartment. An ICE spokesperson assured the Post that Enforcement and Removal Operations officers apply their prosecutorial discretion in a “responsible manner.” Clearly, someone’s definition of responsibility includes letting children’s party clowns run the asylum.

A source from the Department of Homeland Security told the Post that ICE is forced to release illegal aliens when deportation can’t be arranged fast enough and there’s a dire need to make room for new arrivals at detention centers. Imagine that—a government so effective at border security that it’s running out of room for the perpetrators! Sometimes, they even release child molesters due to space constraints. Priorities, am I right?

While ICE managed to keep 32 of the rioters in custody pending court hearings and 105 in detention pending removal, they had to release 43 of the alleged rioters because of room shortages. Even more absurdly, Texas authorities had labeled nine migrants as ringleaders of the riot, intending to file felony rioting charges. Two were released by Border Patrol soon after. Authorities were able to capture one, but the other ringleader, a Venezuelan national named Gabriel Enrique Angarita Carrasquero, is still at large. Perhaps he’s been added to the “catch and release” fishing program.

Video footage showed over 200 illegal immigrants rushing the border and attacking Texas National Guardsmen who were trying to do their jobs. One illegal alien was seen stomping on a National Guardsman’s knee, providing a civics lesson in what happens when you mix an open border with selective law enforcement.

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