INSANITY! Analyst at CNN Claims Free Speech is ‘Nonsense’

Robert Baer, a CNN analyst and former CIA officer, delivered a disturbing and unsettling response to Elon Musk's new pro-free speech stance on Twitter. This is according to an article from Newsbusters

According to The Blaze, Baer accused Musk of supporting free speech in order to help Russia during its war with Ukraine.

He claimed that Vladimir Putin would be interested in using Twitter if there were no regulations regarding the reinstatement of censored accounts. He stated that fake accounts and spoofed accounts would also be allowed to operate on the platform.

He also claimed that Musk was "colluding" with Russia's intelligence agencies.

Musk allegedly referred to Russia's intelligence agencies when he talked about the popular voice on Twitter. Baer claimed that the Russians were waiting for something like this.

He claimed that Musk was trying to interfere the US' support for Ukraine by creating a propaganda campaign against the country. He also stated that these groups would be using Twitter to spread their message.

Maybe the most crazy thing Baer said was when he claimed that free speech is "nonsense".

CNN recently claimed it was changing its tune but this sounds like more of the leftist agenda we've heard for years at the fledgling news outlet.


Written by Staff Reports

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