James Woods Exposes Uniparty’s Plot to Destroy Trump 2024, Fearing DeSantis More!

James Woods, the Conservative Hollywood actor, has launched an explosive Twitter attack against “both sides of the uniparty” over their plan to destroy Donald Trump’s 2024 presidential campaign. In his tweet, Woods absolutely nailed the effort to effectively obliterate Trump’s campaign. The Democrats, accompanied by their media cronies, are trying to render Trump irrelevant by attacking him with a thousand cuts without killing him outright, says Woods. Woods also highlights the left wing media’s relentless attacks on Ron DeSantis, further claiming that the left fears Florida’s popular governor more than they fear Trump.

Woods also goes after the fake conservatives like Romney, Kinzinger, and Liz Cheney. He refers to them as “hands-across-the aisle” RINO suckerfish, and many of us couldn’t agree more with this assessment. He’s no fan of the political hogs sloppin’ at the same trough either, quite rightly suggesting that there is only one trough, the powers that be in DC aim to retain their supremacy in it.

Trump’s election was never supposed to happen; Hillary’s hubris fumbled an easy walk to the goal line, and all hell broke loose. The corruption, the child trafficking, the globalist payoffs were all exposed, and now both sides of the uniparty are anxious to get back to the comfortable swamp where they can slither around together.

The Twitter Boss has hit the nail on the head. Twitter may be crazy, and both sides may have their bots spreading their political narratives, but if you read between the lines, it’s easy to understand the pattern and recognize the signs of the underlying trends. Woods’ tweet has given us a sober warning about the coming months; those who want to see a real outsider, who represents the working class, could join the ranks of the persecuted.

Written by Staff Reports

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