Paul Ryan Slams GOP, DeSantis Hits Back in Woke War Battle

Former Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, made an appearance on CBS Mornings on Tuesday, where he voiced his criticism of the current Republican Party approach and indirectly took a swipe at Ron DeSantis. Ryan has consistently expressed his disapproval of engaging in culture wars, and he reiterated his stance when questioned about it during the interview.

When asked about Ron DeSantis and his anti-woke campaign, Ryan stated that he didn’t believe in fighting culture wars, as he was more concerned about the country’s debt crisis, its future, and the issue of China. Nate Burleson, one of the hosts of the show, mentioned transgender issues, but Ryan dismissed it and shifted the discussion to the debt crisis and China.

Nevertheless, it’s important to remind people that the value of money pales in comparison to the importance of having a country worth living in. Ryan referred to culture wars as “highly divisive,” but his failure to explain why that is problematic is both morally misguided and counterproductive. Throughout history, some of the most significant issues have indeed sparked intense divisions.

While Ryan dismisses the notion of engaging in culture wars, Ron DeSantis has made it a central focus of his career, and rightly so. The issue with Ryan is that he fails to grasp the idea that before addressing a nation’s fiscal problems, there must be a country worth living in and ongoing battles to fight. Ignoring divisive issues in favor of others is self-defeating, morally misguided, and frustrating.

President Trump and his supporters have made claims regarding Paul Ryan’s role in Ron DeSantis’s presidential campaign, but there is limited evidence to support such assertions. Instead, these claims rely on primary voters distrusting everything in front of them, including DeSantis’s track record. In contrast, Trump endorsed Ryan multiple times and praised him after his departure from office.

Ryan and DeSantis differ significantly, and Ryan’s lack of interest in culture wars disregards the crucial method through which DeSantis has built his successful career. Fortunately, Ryan can continue making media appearances, while the rest of us focus on actually achieving something meaningful.

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