Giuliani Exposes Biden Bribery Scheme, Whistleblower Silenced & Dead Under “Mysterious Circumstances”

Rudy Giuliani, former New York City Mayor and lawyer for former President Donald Trump, has recently expressed his disbelief for the lack of action taken by U.S. Attorney’s office in Delaware, under former Attorney General William Barr, after he offered to provide information about a whistleblower who had access to smoking gun evidence of an international bribery scheme involving the Biden family. Giuliani claims that the individual was ignored, and later on died under what he calls “mysterious circumstances”. During an interview on Newsmax, Giuliani emphasized the existence of a single system of laws in the United States that applies equally to everyone, indicating a conspiracy against President Trump and the supposed evidence that could support him.

Giuliani further revealed that the Pittsburgh attorney general was the first one to investigate the case, but it was later transferred to the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Delaware, which ultimately did nothing. He criticized the lack of action and claimed that the individual involved was under the threat of death. Giuliani suggested that the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Delaware had hoped that people would “disappear or die”, which he says is a common tactic in politics to silence whistleblowers.

According to Giuliani, he had one witness who was willing to give up all of the offshore bank accounts, including the Bidens’ accounts, and that the witness claimed to have supervised the transfer of a lot more cash to the Bidens and other crooked politicians for Burisma, the Ukrainian oil and gas company that gave Hunter Biden hundreds of thousands of dollars to sit on a board seat. Giuliani said the now-deceased chief accountant at Burisma was willing to give up the offshore bank account information at the Ukrainian petrogas company and claimed that he had evidence that the Bidens took a $10 million bribe from Ukrainian Mykola Zlochevsky. He further expressed his disbelief for the FBI’s withholding the name of the informant who had filed a redacted FD-1023 document regarding the case, claiming that the bureau fears for his or her safety.

The truth is, Giuliani’s claims have not been verified and there is no solid evidence to support them. Yet, the former mayor believes that there is a conspiracy of the Democrats and Media to silence him and his attempts to reveal the truth to the American people. Giuliani’s statement is consistent with a larger conservative narrative that seeks to discredit the Biden administration and those who support it, to create chaos and confusion, and to ultimately hinder the progress of the Democratic Party in America. Despite the lack of actual evidence, Giuliani’s claims reveal much about the political mindset of today’s conservative thinkers and their commitment to discrediting their opponents.

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