Jill Biden Baffled by Trump Support; GOP Laughs at Clueless First Lady

The delusional First Lady, Jill Biden, proved once again that the liberal elites are completely out of touch with mainstream America. She expressed her sheer shock and bemusement over the fact that Republicans still support former President Donald Trump, despite his federal indictment. In a gathering with Democratic donors, she referred to the upcoming 2024 election as a choice between “strong, steady leadership” and the “chaos and corruption, hatred and division” of MAGA Republicans.

Jill Biden ridiculed the motives, beliefs, and loyalty of Trump supporters before urging the Democratic donors to “think about where we were three years ago.” It is astonishing how the Democrats continue to exacerbate the polarization in American politics by labeling half of the country as problematic and morally abhorrent.

Mrs. Biden went on to highlight the stakes of the impending election, stating that “We cannot go back to those dark days,” alluding to former President Trump’s term in the office. This is nothing but a scare tactic that the Democrats use time and time again, attempting to make American voters feel guilty for supporting conservative policies that put America first.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump’s popularity and support continue to surge, as he recently took the lead in the Western Conservative Summit straw poll with 40.3% compared to Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’s 35.8%. This comes after the recent federal indictment against the former President, which he decried by saying, “I’m an innocent man!” on social media.

Trump has already hinted that he would run for President again in 2024, and his support among conservatives is only getting stronger. He even promised that he would appoint a Special Prosecutor to go after the corrupt Biden family and restore America to its glory days.

It is no surprise that the fake news media and the Democrats are afraid of Trump and his growing popularity and support; after all, he is the only politician who actually stood up to China, created jobs, fixed the broken immigration system, and prioritized American citizens’ well-being. It’s time for America to embrace the leadership that puts them first and not the corrupt, radical Left.

Written by Staff Reports

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