Jen Psaki Agrees to Testify on Biden’s Afghanistan Debacle Before Elections

Jen Psaki, former White House press secretary turned MSNBC host, has finally agreed to an interview with the House Foreign Affairs Committee on the disastrous Biden administration’s withdrawal from Afghanistan. This comes after nearly a year of dodging and deflecting from the hard questions, but the Committee will get its answers before Chairman Michael McCaul releases his much-anticipated report, conveniently timed right before the November elections.

In a twist that reeks of political intrigue, it’s noteworthy that the Trump administration had initially set a deadline of May 2021 to pull all troops out of Afghanistan—clearly a more strategic and thought-out plan. Biden, in his infinite wisdom, decided to push the deadline to September 11, 2021. By mid-August, the chaos had taken full control with the Taliban quickly seizing the reins of government. The situation reached its tragic peak on August 26 with the suicide bombing at Hamid Karzai International Airport, resulting in the loss of 13 American soldiers and 170 Afghan citizens.

The Foreign Affairs Committee’s probe centers on the glaring discrepancies between the administration’s internal communications and what was being spoon-fed to the public. Psaki, during her stint as press secretary, was the mouthpiece communicating the administration’s spin on the botched operation. Despite McCaul’s repeated requests for an interview since May, Psaki finally caved and scheduled an interview for July 26.

Interestingly, the White House has been stalling on granting Psaki permission to sit for the interview. In what sounds more like an arm-twisting session than transparency, the administration eventually agreed, with conditions firmly in place to control the narrative. Psaki will be accompanied by personal counsel and the White House counsel’s office—a move that’s more about saving face than coming clean about the catastrophic withdrawal.

It’s no wonder there’s been radio silence from the top brass, with all key players tight-lipped. The Washington Examiner eagerly awaits statements from the Foreign Affairs Committee, McCaul, and Psaki’s lawyer. Don’t hold your breath, though. The real story here isn’t the long-overdue interview—it’s about the Biden administration’s accountability or lack thereof, and how that reflects on their competence (or lack thereof) in foreign policy.

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