Joe Biden Caught in Shocking Lie During ‘Daily Show’ Interview

In a recent interview, President Joe Biden stated that he had a realization about same-sex marriage in the 1950s during his senior year of high school. According to Biden, he witnessed two men kissing and his father explained that they were in love. However, this account contradicts historical evidence which shows that Biden did not publicly support same-sex marriage until he was seeking a second term as Vice President at the age of almost 70. Before this, he had voted to prohibit same-sex marriage and permit states to reject same-sex unions.

During an interview on The Daily Show, Biden claimed to have had an "epiphany" about same-sex marriage over 60 years ago, despite evidence that contradicts this claim. It is notable that Biden, who is known for his loquaciousness, did not share this story for 55 years and was not challenged by the mainstream media. Richard Grenell, a gay conservative who served as the acting director of national intelligence under former President Donald Trump, raised a pertinent question: Why did Biden refer to gay people as a national security risk when he was a senator, and why did he campaign against same-sex marriage as Vice President?

As noted by The Washington Examiner, Biden was a high school senior in 1961, and his father was born in 1915. At that time, gay sexual activity, let alone same-sex marriage, was not legally protected by the Supreme Court. It wasn't until 2003 that the Supreme Court overturned a previous ruling from 1986, which had upheld the criminalization of gay sex. This was during Biden's third Senate term. The White House has attempted to revise Biden's stance on same-sex marriage in the past as well.

It appears evident that Biden is attempting to alter his past viewpoints to align with current public opinion. He seeks to portray those who hold the same beliefs he upheld for the majority of his life as extremists. This conduct is another illustration of Biden's inconsistency and disregard for honesty. It seems he is prepared to make any statement to secure votes and is ready to resort to any measures necessary to win an election.

It is worrying that the mainstream media is not taking Biden to task for his dishonesty and falsehoods. By remaining silent and failing to challenge his misleading information, they are inadvertently enabling Biden to propagate lies. This raises doubts about the media's impartiality and suggests that they may be biased in favor of Biden. It appears that the liberal media is prepared to go to great lengths to safeguard their preferred candidate.

Joe Biden’s willingness to lie and distort the truth should be concerning to all Americans. His lack of integrity and honesty should be a major red flag for anyone considering voting for him in the upcoming election. We need leaders who are honest and trustworthy, not ones who are willing to lie and deceive in order to get elected.

Written by Staff Reports

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