DeSantis Takes BOLD Stand Against Radical Gender Ideology

It’s a sad reality that many individuals who undergo gender treatment end up regretting their decision. Most cite reasons such as discovering that their gender dysphoria was caused by other issues, experiencing health complications, or feeling no improvement in their dysphoria. Despite this, schools, pop culture, the media, and President Biden himself continue to encourage and celebrate this being labeled as “compassionate care” for children, even to the point where mutilation is occurring.

During a recent interview, Biden spoke out against efforts to ban puberty blockers and sex reassignment surgeries, calling them “cruel” and “close to sinful.” Biden went on to say that the only way to protect gender treatment is to pass federal legislation. Fortunately, Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida has taken a firm stand against the mutilation of children, calling out Biden’s comments as he refused to accept the federal government’s mandate that procedures like sex change operations be permitted for kids.

From a graphic video posted on DeSantis’s rapid response account, you can see the scars left behind from gender transitioning procedures, highlighting the true “compassionate care” the left wishes everyone to rally around. To make matters worse, many other countries that were previously seen as more progressive than America have now broken with the U.S. on the transgender issue, with Switzerland, Sweden, England, France, and Finland all arguing that gender is binary and advocating for “psychosocial support” over surgery and hormone treatments. The U.K. even closed its only gender clinic for young people when independent studies found that the model of care was unsafe and left children “at considerable risk” for mental health problems.

Governor DeSantis has made the correct decision by rejecting the left’s misguided embrace of gender “care” and supporting a ban on these treatments for trans youth in Florida. As the number of states offering protection to children with regards to mutilation continues to grow, hopefully, more individuals can be saved from irreversible damage in the future.

Written by Staff Reports

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