Democrat Caught Running $30M Nonprofit in Tax Havens!

Despite his vocal stance against income inequality, Democratic Congressman Daniel Goldman from New York has been quietly depositing millions of dollars in a tax-free offshore account to support his nonprofit organization. As per the Securities and Exchange Commission filings, Goldman is the financial director of the Richard W. Goldman Foundation and has the authority to manage its assets. The foundation has reported holding investments worth $32.2 million in the Cayman Islands, a popular tax haven for affluent individuals and corporations looking to reduce their tax liabilities.

Last week, Rep. Goldman expressed his support for President Joe Biden's proposal to increase taxes on wealthy individuals and corporations in his annual budget. He emphasized that, in a period of unprecedented income inequality, those who have benefited the most from the American dream should contribute more to ensure equal opportunities for all. However, considering his recent behavior, some may view his statement as contradictory or hypocritical.

It is evident that Rep. Goldman is utilizing the very tax loopholes he is denouncing, which is alarming. In 2012, the Cayman Islands were at the center of Democratic criticism aimed at Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, while Senator Elizabeth Warren criticized a tax system that was "rigged" by loopholes. It is worrying that Rep. Goldman is resorting to the same methods he is striving to discourage others from adopting.

Given that Rep. Goldman is an inheritor of the Levi Strauss company and his net worth is estimated to be somewhere between $64 million to $253 million, it is not unexpected that he is exploiting these tax loopholes. This case serves as yet another instance of how affluent individuals are capable of leveraging their financial resources and clout to secure their interests, leaving the middle and lower-income groups to endure the brunt of taxes and financial disparity.

The fact that Rep. Goldman is employing his financial affluence and clout to his advantage, while simultaneously advocating for higher taxes on the wealthy, is unsettling. This duplicitous conduct serves as a glaring illustration of how affluent individuals can leverage their resources and influence to secure their interests, while the middle and lower classes bear the brunt of taxes and financial inequality. Such behavior cannot be condoned, and it is crucial that we demand accountability from our elected representatives.

Written by Staff Reports

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