Joe Biden Celebrates Too Soon Over Gas Prices

OK, so let me get this straight. Why is it that when gas prices rise it's Vladimir Putin's fault but when they fall even slightly it's Joe Biden who gets the credit?

Just explain that to me in a way that makes sense.

The White House is taking an untimely victory lap for the recent drop in gas prices, admitting in the process that Joe Biden is responsible for the change. A question is raised, however, by this admission: if Biden's policies are responsible for the recent decrease in gas prices, then why doesn't he just lower them even further?

That question has a simple and straightforward explanation.

Several federal departments and agencies oversee oil production in the United States, and as President, Joe Biden has complete control over gas prices.

No one should be surprised to learn that gas prices dropped during the Trump administration. Trump achieved unprecedented domestic energy independence by reducing regulatory burdens and increasing oil production in the United States.

On the other hand, Biden has no choice but to make the trip to Saudi Arabia in order to receive oil handouts.

On Monday, President Joe Biden boasted that the price of gasoline had dropped below $5 per gallon, for which he demanded credit.

Fox News reporter Peter Doocy couldn't help but announce on Tuesday that gas prices are still over $2 higher than when Biden took office, and many people noticed and commented on this.

Gas prices on Biden's Inauguration Day averaged $2.39 per gallon, while on Tuesday they averaged $4.49.

The White House are out again on Monday to claim credit for the recent decrease in gas prices.

White House economic advisor and top Biden aide Jared Bernstein was sent to the media to deliver the "good news" about the present gas price crisis.

Reporters, however, were not having any of it, and they confronted a visibly irritated Bernstein about the administration's hypocrisy in its premature celebration.

Undoubtedly, Biden and the Democrats will exploit this minor "victory" as ammunition in the run-up to the midterm elections in November. Meanwhile, people in the United States continue to pay exorbitant prices for gas.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on American Examiner News.

Written by Staff Reports

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