Kamala Harris Spits ANOTHER Word Salad On Guns And Abortion

Recently, Kamala Harris fired one of her speech writers, but if her most recent public appearance is any indicator, the next speech writer she hires won't be able to do anything to improve her public persona. On Monday, the vice president discussed assault weapons, abortion, and Venn diagrams during a live stream event hosted by the White House. She did her best to make senseless statements as she moved from one issue to the next.

Regarding assault weapons, Harris spewed out a confusing word salad about their "purposeful" design, which will make gun owners roll their eyes.

Why Democrats believe that this is a good talking point is beyond my comprehension. Were "assault weapons" intended to murder people (even if we accept the name as being applicable in this context)? They were, without a doubt. Do you have any idea what other types of firearms were intended to kill with? Everyone of them. Absolutely every single one of them. When compared to a.308 hunting rifle or a 9mm handgun, the concept that a.223 chambered AR-15 is some kind of crazy invention of death is plain ludicrous. Every firearm is potentially fatal, thus each one must be treated with reverence and utilized in a responsible manner.

Despite this, the modern "assault weapon" was not created with the sole purpose of "quickly" killing a large number of people. It was designed to have a manageable amount of recoil, to be accurate, and to carry a sufficient number of rounds so that you won't be caught with your trousers down. An AR-15 is not the same thing as a belt-fed, military-grade M249 that can fire almost a thousand rounds per minute. Every time she speaks, Harris demonstrates that she has no understanding of the topic at hand.

Moving on to other topics, Harris investigates the unknowns surrounding Venn diagrams.

How is it possible that this woman is not the most well-liked politician in the nation? It remains a complete enigma.

But I'm getting off topic here, and I won't dwell on the cringe-worthy part because Harris went on to make an argument that I believe warrants criticism. She made an attempt to draw a parallel between the pro-life stance on abortion and slavery.

On the subject of abortion, Democrats are known to say many moronic things, but it is disgusting when they act as if pro-life Americans are the same as slaveholders because they do not support the killing of babies. In other words, it inverts the way we normally perceive the world. It is the left that makes the case that they have the right to arbitrarily deny personhood and rights to their fellow human beings when they are still in the womb. This is because they believe that they are morally justified in doing so. Do you know of anyone else who has had such thought? Slaveholders fit with this category.

Abolitionists in the current day are known as pro-lifers, and they advocate for the protection of the right to life for all individuals. Harris and others like her are the ones who are putting an end to people's lives for the sake of convenience and politics. They are the ones who most appropriately deserve to be compared to slaveholders.

To return to the larger picture, Harris is and always has been a terrible politician. The fact that she routinely receives worse approval ratings than Joe Biden, who is currently hovering in the upper 30s, is both amusing and depressing to consider. Harris is just unauthentic, unlikeable, and terrible at her job, despite the fact that the media consistently supports her and a base of supporters who adore her. There is no way a new speechwriter can cover that, and unless she is going to receive a personality transplant sometime soon, her chances of being elected in 2024 are looking increasingly bleak.

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