Prince Harry Teaches Americans About Constitutional Rights

The Roe v. Wade decision regarding abortion in America was dubbed a "global assault on democracy and freedom" by the Duke of Sussex.

Global? Prince, we are not yet the entire globe. At the UN, he denigrated us.

In his keynote address on International Nelson Mandela Day at the UN headquarters, Prince Harry criticized the US Supreme Court's decision.

The stupid bride of Prince Harry should accompany him when he departs. We previously expelled the royal family, and we can do it once more.

Since when is a spoilt, cosmopolitan brat an authority on the US Constitution? Harry, the 2nd Amendment is in our Constitution, not the right to kill unborn children.

Without a doubt, Meghan Markle is giving him advice. They shouldn't each have a title. Perhaps their titles will also disappear with Queen Elizabeth. The monarchy is being undermined by Harry. He is not supposed to meddle in international affairs. These two have a nasty streak.

The "memories and legacy" of Mandela were also shared by Prince Harry. Professor Jonathan Turley said, “Because nothing speaks to a lifetime of struggle for equality than an estranged Royal living in exile on an $18 million estate.”

Harry also discussed the war in Ukraine and global warming. He believes he is an authority in every field.

Go away, Harry:

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