Joe Biden’s NIGHTMARE After the Mid-Terms Could Come True…

With the elections just around the corner, the Republicans are expected to gain significant victories. They're also likely to give President Joe Biden a hard time in the next two years.

If the Democrats lose, the Republicans are expected to gain control of both the Senate and the House of Representatives. This would be a worst-case scenario for Biden and Democrats.

According to a recent analysis by FiveThirtyEight, the Republicans are expected to win the House. However, the race for the Senate remains close. It's in the balance in states such as Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Nevada.

If the Republicans gain control of both chambers, it's likely that they'll stymie the agenda of the president and prevent him from implementing his reforms.

Many of the Republicans, who are still loyal to Donald Trump, would like to investigate the Biden administration. They may even try to remove him from office.

Americans may see some of the issues that they'll encounter if the Republicans win big on November 8.

Over the past two years, Biden was able to get some of his agenda passed even though the Democrats controlled both the Senate and House. With a Republican majority, he's unlikely to be able to accomplish much legislatively.

Political scientist Paul Quinn of the University of British Columbia said that if the Democrats lose control of both the House and Senate, Biden's legislative agenda is likely to be severely constrained.

If the Republicans gain control of the House or Senate, they're likely to carry out investigations on the Biden administration. These investigations could include multiple issues.

One of the most likely topics that the Republicans may investigate is the foreign business activities of Biden's son, Hunter. This issue has been a subject of scrutiny for a long time. Any investigation would likely focus on allegations that the president was involved in his son's business activities.

Besides investigations on Hunter and Biden, the Republicans may also look into other issues related to the administration. For instance, they may want to look into the activities of Dr. Anthony Fauci, the head of an infectious diseases research institute.

Another topic on the table with a large GOP victory? IMPEACHMENT!

Despite the lack of a supermajority to remove a president, the Democrats were still able to bring articles of impeachment against Trump two times. This could encourage the Republicans to try and impeach Biden.

According to analyst Patrick Shanahan, the Republicans would most likely try and impeach Biden due to their concerns about the 2020 presidential election and the president's legacy. He said there's a groundswell of support among Trumpist Republicans for this idea.

Besides Biden, other officials in the administration are also facing possible impeachment. For instance, over 30 House Republicans have signed a resolution supporting the removal of Homeland Security Secretary, Alejandro Mayorkas.

Some Republicans want to remove Mayorkas due to his failure to address the issues related to the border with Mexico. On the other hand, some people are accusing the Department of Justice of treating parents as extremists.

Another major problem for Biden if Republicans have a Red Wave will be the blocking of his judicial nominees.

Mitch McConnell, the Senate Majority Leader, refused to hold hearings on the Supreme Court nominee of Barack Obama in 2016.

The vacancy on the Supreme Court was then filled by Donald Trump. McConnell's decision was instrumental in the establishment of the conservative majority on the court.

If the Republicans regain control of the Senate in 2023 and McConnell is still the majority leader, it would be difficult for Biden to name a replacement for the Supreme Court.

McConnell said last year that he would not allow a nominee to be confirmed during the presidential election in 2024. He noted that if the Republicans were in control of the Senate, it would not be possible for the Senate to confirm a Supreme Court nominee during the middle of an election.

Another hot button topic will be the debt ceiling. It's been suggested that the Republicans could use the debt ceiling as a way to extract concessions from Biden's administration. The government will have to raise the debt ceiling sometime next year so that it can borrow enough money to fund its operations.

Several House Republicans, including Kevin McCarthy, the House minority leader, have suggested that the Republicans would be willing to negotiate with the administration in exchange for the increased debt limit.

The US risks going into a recession if it doesn't raise the debt ceiling, which would have global consequences. It is unclear if the Republicans would be willing to put the country's financial interests at risk.

Written by Staff Reports

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