[WATCH] Obama HUMILIATES Himself In Latest TikTok Appearance

Former President Barack Obama is currently back in action, campaigning for Democratic candidates in an effort to try to preserve the midterm elections. But given that surveys suggest a potentially huge red wave is cresting on the horizon, it might already be too late. Attempts like this tacky TikTok video won't make things better:

Barack, ah. Seriously? You once presided over the free world, and you continue to be one of the most well-liked Democrats in the country. You spend your time doing this, then.

He may be seen on the underthedesknews channel, which is hosted by "V" Spehar and advertises itself as "The Nice Side of #NewsTok." The majority of news reports refer to Spehar as "they," and the inside joke seems to be that the host hides behind a desk while discussing the day's happenings. Obama enters the frame, sits down, and says in the footage that was released on Tuesday,

"Here’s the thing: you can stay [under the desk] for now, but when it comes time for voting you’re going to have to get up. "

That makes sense, I suppose. But after that, he makes his true pitch:

"You got climate change legislation on the ballot, you got gun safety. And, when we can elect more pro-choice members of Congress, we can reinstitute Roe v. Wade as the law of the land."

No, you can't; Obama is in error on the facts. The Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, so it cannot be resurrected. He seemed to be referring to the Democrats' repeated failures to codify or enact abortion access into law, despite having control of the House, the Senate, and the White House for two years. Regardless matter how the midterm elections turn out, it seems improbable that it will pass at this time.

It also serves to emphasise the Democrats' continued obsession with abortion. If we simply get abortion legalised everywhere, everything will be great, right? The country is going through an epic crime wave, an epic energy crisis, an epic border issue, and an inflation crisis. No one is buying that.

It's interesting to note that Obama recently urged users to stop using TikTok:

Is it inappropriate to mention that Spehar supported McCain in the 2008 election right now? Spehar emerges from under the desk after the former president urges the host to cast a ballot. Folks, that's some comedy right there. Obama smiles, "Mmm… as long as you voted." Spehar's vote for a Republican presidential candidate, much less the unimpressive John McCain, is difficult to fathom, and it's also not humorous.

No one found it funny:

The fact that Democrats are turning to embarrassing TikTok videos to appeal to voters shows how desperate they are. They appear silly and irreverent, and I can't imagine that crap like this can persuade anyone to change their mind. In a recent incident, Joe Biden humiliated himself in a similar way by meeting Dylan Mulvaney, a transgender man, at the White House.

Midterm elections are likely to be devastating for Democrats, and their pitiful, desperate last-minute efforts won't be able to save them.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Red State.

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