Jordan Strikes Back: DOJ Probe Over Suspected Staffer Spying Scandal!

A staunch conservative in Congress, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) has no qualms about challenging the establishment. Currently, he is spearheading an investigation into the alleged espionage of members of Congress and personnel by the Department of Justice.

The Department of Justice allegedly spied on Jason Foster, a former principal investigative counsel for Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA), according to reports. This disclosure has caused a stir within conservative spheres, as it prompts inquiries into the extent of the surveillance.

Never one to shrink away from difficult inquiries, Jordan discussed the matter on Fox Business. He declared, "We now know that they spied on congressional staffers." "However, the question that remains is to what extent does it extend? Were individuals being spied upon? Was there espionage against other personnel?

That is a legitimate concern. It is evident that the Department of Justice conducted surveillance on the campaign of President Trump. It is widely known that the deep state has engaged in power excesses. However, following the disclosure that they surveilled a staff member of Senator Grassley, Jordan is now resolved to reveal the complete scope of this abhorrent breach of privacy.

Jordan has written correspondence to the carriers and the Department of Justice regarding their involvement in the procurement of phone and email records from congressional personnel. He desires responses. He desires information regarding whether or not members of Congress were eavesdrop on. He is curious whether additional personnel were the objective. Above all, he is concerned as to whether this is another instance of the Biden administration's weaponization of the Department of Justice.

For this reason alone, Jordan is the ideal candidate for the position. He confronts the influential without fear and fights for justice. Furthermore, he will do everything in his power as chairman of the House Judiciary Committee to ensure that the Department of Justice is held accountable for its actions. Our democracy is reliant on that.

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