Arab Americans Abandon Biden: Approval Rating Plummets to New Lows!

Well, well, well, it seems that President Biden and his beloved Democratic Party are losing support faster than a runaway train! According to a recent poll conducted by the Arab American Institute, Arab Americans are turning their backs on Biden faster than you can say “inflation.”

You see, just last year, Sleepy Joe enjoyed a cozy approval rating of 74% among Arab Americans. But now, in a shocking turn of events, that number has plummeted to a measly 29%. That’s almost as low as Joe’s energy levels!

But wait, it gets worse for ol’ Joe. Arab Americans, who make up a significant voting bloc in crucial swing states like Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, are abandoning him like rats fleeing a sinking ship. Support for Biden in the upcoming election has taken a nosedive from 59% to a pathetic 17%. That’s right, folks, a whopping 42% decrease. Ouch!

Now, you might be thinking, “But Arab Americans have always leaned towards the Democrats, right?” Well, think again, my friends! This poll reveals a seismic shift in Arab American preferences. For the first time in 26 long years, a majority of them no longer pledge their allegiance to the Democratic Party. Can you blame them? I mean, who wants to be associated with a party that can’t even keep our borders secure?

Guess who’s stealing the show then? That’s right, the Republicans! The data shows that a solid 32% of Arab Americans now proudly identify as Republicans, while a paltry 23% still cling to the sinking ship that is the Democratic Party. Independent voters have also seen the light and are surpassing Democrats in numbers. Talk about a wake-up call for Biden and his liberal cronies!

Now, let’s talk about Joe’s latest blunders. As violence erupted between Palestine and Israel, President Biden’s response was about as clear as mud. And guess what? Two-thirds of Arab Americans weren’t impressed with his fumbling attempt at diplomacy. They saw right through his weak stance and lack of support for our greatest ally in the Middle East.

But that’s not all! Arab Americans also have serious concerns about the rise of antisemitism due to the ongoing violence. It looks like Biden’s inability to take a strong and decisive stance is leaving this community deeply disappointed and afraid.

But hold on, folks, this isn’t just about Arab Americans. The rest of the country is also turning their backs on Sleepy Joe. According to a recent Gallup poll, Biden’s approval rating among Democrats has dropped a staggering 11 points in just one month. Can you blame them? From the disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal to skyrocketing inflation and the Middle East mess, Biden’s got a lot of explaining to do.

And let’s not forget the midterms coming up in 2022. Historically, the party in power tends to lose seats in Congress during midterms. But with Biden’s approval rating in the toilet, this could be a crushing blow for the already floundering Democratic Party. It’s a pity, really. Or is it? Maybe it’s time for some conservative leaders to step in and bring some much-needed stability and common sense back to Washington.

So buckle up, folks. The Democratic Party and Biden have a steep hill to climb, especially in those key battleground states that could determine the fate of our great nation in 2024. It’s clear as day: the American people are losing faith in this administration, and it’s time for some real change. Conservative change, that is.

Written by Staff Reports

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