Biden’s War on Truth: WH Shuns NY Post Reporter for Daring Hunter Questions

In a stunning display of evasion and disregard for free and independent media, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre once again refused to take questions from New York Post reporter Steven Nelson. Nelson, a fearless journalist, confronted Jean-Pierre after she conveniently overlooked him during the White House briefing. It’s clear that the Biden Administration is engaging in a systematic boycott of the New York Post due to their hard-hitting reporting exposing the truth about Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop scandal.

The New York Post has been a thorn in the side of the Biden Administration since 2020, especially when they had the audacity to report on the bombshell revelations found on Hunter Biden’s laptop. Of course, the liberal media and intelligence agencies did everything they could to bury this story. But the New York Post, a beacon of honest journalism, refused to back down. And now, the Biden Administration is retaliating by refusing to acknowledge their hardworking reporters.

Steven Nelson, frustrated by being ignored and blacklisted, boldly confronted Jean-Pierre, expressing his disbelief that a supposed champion of democracy would refuse to answer questions from one of the country’s largest newspapers. And he’s absolutely right! It is anti-democratic to snub a news outlet simply because they dared to report on the truth, even if it doesn’t align with the Biden propaganda machine.

This isn’t the first time Nelson has called out Jean-Pierre’s biased behavior. Just a few weeks ago, during another briefing, he bravely confronted her, pointing out that she hadn’t called on him in two entire seasons. Rather than own up to her deliberate exclusion, Jean-Pierre dismissively responded, “I’m not calling on you today.” How disrespectful! It’s clear that Jean-Pierre and the Biden Administration have zero regard for a free and independent press.

Nelson’s fierce dedication to seeking answers and holding those in power accountable is commendable. He even had the courage to ask President Biden himself about the FBI’s report on the Biden family’s shady dealings. Instead of addressing the concerns and providing a straightforward answer, Biden resorted to name-calling, berating Nelson for daring to ask a “dumb question.” How telling it is that the President of the United States cannot handle being held accountable by a brave journalist like Nelson.

It’s high time the Biden Administration recognizes the importance of a free press and stops this shameful blacklisting of the New York Post. The American people deserve the truth and transparency, not the propaganda-driven censorship tactics currently employed by the White House. Support fearless journalists like Steven Nelson who refuse to back down and demand answers from those in power. Only then can we hold our leaders accountable and preserve the freedom of the press that is vital to a functioning democracy.

Written by Staff Reports

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