Joy Behar Loses It Over Trump’s CNN Town Hall: Couldn’t Handle The Truth?

Joy Behar’s strong opposition towards the CNN town hall with former President Donald Trump was met with a lot of disregard coming from her co-hosts. Behar was mortified with the fact that CNN aired the town hall event featuring the former president. She is a strong believer of the First Amendment and believes that people should be allowed to express who they are. However, after seeing the audience filled with Trump supporters, she questioned if CNN had passed out Kool-Aid prior to the event because of their cult-like behavior.

During the town hall event, Trump discussed various topics and his particular views on them. He clarified a post he had made previously on social media on the Constitution. He made the point that Republicans ought to push for spending cuts, and he also expressed his opinions on the 2020 election while clashing with CNN’s Kaitlan Collins.

Behar compared the town hall to a comedy show, only worse: “I saw a bad stand-up comedian with a bunch of people in his cult who love him. That’s not America.” Meanwhile, speaking more rationally, Alyssa Farah Griffin disagreed with Behar and defended CNN’s coverage of the event. He stated that everyone deserves to be heard in a democracy and that Trump turned off moderates and independents.

Even if CNN chooses to hold such an event again, it wouldn’t even make a difference as Trump already has a strong following. Furthermore, these events are a necessary part of the political process as people must be made aware of what goes on in their country. In a time of great political polarization, democracy thrives only when there is an active exchange of opinions and beliefs from both sides.

Written by Staff Reports

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