Hunter Biden Associate CAUGHT Covering Up Biden Family Payments

Hunter Biden has once again been implicated in a scandal involving his Chinese business partner, Gongwen “Kevin” Dong, who allegedly attempted to conceal a large foreign payment to the Biden family using a complex laundering scheme. A memo from the House Oversight Committee stated that Dong utilized an intricate network of limited liability companies to facilitate the transfer of $100,000 to Biden’s company, in an attempt to hide the payment’s origin from the Shanghai Huaxin Group, a China-based company. According to the memo, business and financial records suggest that the Biden family received over $10 million in payments from companies controlled by foreign nationals.

The American taxpayer should be concerned about this scandal for several reasons. Firstly, the Bidens and their business partners concealed a significant foreign payment from the public eye. Additionally, Joe Biden has denied receiving any money from China, which is contradicted by the financial records. It is worth highlighting that China is a major political and economic adversary of the United States, and it would be catastrophic if the President had any financial ties with this powerful nation.

The alleged complex network of limited liability companies that the House Oversight Committee believes was used to launder the payment could suggest a money laundering operation, as financial experts have reportedly noted that the arrangement of multiple companies with no distinct services arranged in this manner increases the possibility of further illicit deals.

It is reasonable to assume that a payment of this magnitude could influence members of the Biden family, and as such, the House Oversight Committee is investigating “individuals with ties to the Chinese Communist Party” who may have tried to sway them through “profitable business relationships.” Regrettably, Joe Biden has been repeatedly caught lying throughout this scandal, and his silence regarding this latest development is deafening.

In conclusion, the American people deserve a President who puts their interests first instead of maintaining shady business deals with our adversaries. This Biden family scandal must be fully investigated, and all involved individuals must be held accountable for their actions. It is time for Joe Biden to come clean about his involvement in this scheme and prove that he is not compromised by China.

Written by Staff Reports

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