WATCH: Trump Warns of Default on National Debt Amid Democrat’s Reckless Spending

Former President Donald Trump has slammed the Democrats and accused them of spending money like “drunken sailors”. In an exclusive town hall meeting with CNN, Trump urged the Republicans in Congress to prepare for a default on the national debt if President Biden doesn’t agree to spending limits. As the Democrats are pressing hard for an increase in the debt ceiling with no conditions, Trump thinks that a default is better than falling into the massive debt trap that the Democrats have plunged the country into.

He believes that Republicans should opt for a default as the Democrats will eventually cave in, realizing they don’t want to be tainted with such a stain on their administration. Trump also thinks that the Limit, Save, Grow Act passed recently by the House of Representatives isn’t going to help the situation, as it only increases the debt ceiling by $1.5 trillion and repeals parts of the Inflation Reduction Act but fails to address the bigger issue of extravagant spending.

Trump emphasized the gravity of the situation, stating that “Our country is dying. Our country is being destroyed by stupid people, very stupid people.” He urged Republicans to stand strong and demand substantial cuts to counterbalance the expenses. Trump’s remarks are essential in the current situation when the Democrats are merely interested in spending without considering the long-term effects on the country.

It is good to see that former President Trump is still invested in making America great and is intervening to save it from the economic ruin brought on by the Democrats’ reckless spending. Let’s hope the Republicans do not back down and hold firm to their promises of cutting spending to prevent future debt.

Written by Staff Reports

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