Judge Demands Transparency in Biden’s Mishandled Border Parole Program

Government data shows that over 99% of illegal immigrants caught and released in a special border “parole” program last year are still in the country, causing concerns about President Biden’s immigration policies. A federal judge has demanded transparency from Homeland Security in handling these 2,572 individuals, who were expected to report last summer, but many failed to do so. ICE has also not issued immigration court summons to 340 others, meaning they are not in deportation proceedings.

According to Andrew “Art” Arthur, a former immigration judge, this situation exemplifies the challenges the Biden administration faces in immigration enforcement. ICE has struggled to track down and enforce the removal of these individuals, with over 300 still free without an official deportation proceeding. The parole migrants are contributing to a total backlog of about 7 million people in ICE’s deportation system.

Under President Biden, the number of individuals in ICE’s deportation system has grown significantly, reflecting the border chaos that has ensued. While the administration has taken steps to limit asylum claims, experts argue that the use of “parole” in millions of cases has contributed to the challenges in enforcing immigration laws.

The test group of parole migrants represents a variety of nationalities arriving at the southern border, with a significant number coming from Venezuela, Colombia, and Peru. Other countries represented in the group include Somalia, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, and Ghana. The wide range of nationalities presents a complex challenge for immigration enforcement.

The situation with the parole migrants underscores the difficulties the Biden administration faces in unwinding the effects of years of chaos at the border. While the administration reports a decrease in Border Patrol apprehensions, it will be a monumental task to address the immigration challenges that have accumulated over the years.

Written by Staff Reports

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