Liberal Media Excuses Biden’s Gaffes While Europe Sees Mental Decline

In the past, Democrats and liberal commentators used to criticize Fox News for being like state-run media. However, since 2016, the situation has changed. Joe Biden, who previously avoided public events because of COVID, no longer has that excuse. He has been making public appearances, but they haven’t been going well. There have been reports of him making confusing statements, appearing distracted, and wandering off. At the recent G7 Summit in Italy, his performance was subpar, but the liberal media dismissed his behavior as “cheap fakes” and misinformation, claiming that Biden was exceptional. However, the European media had a different perspective, observing a president in mental decline. A compilation of Biden’s mental gaffes and the media’s support of him has led many Americans to believe that he is too old to run for president again.

The media has published critical stories about Biden’s health, such as an article in The New York Times in 2022, which highlighted how the president was struggling to keep up. The Wall Street Journal also published an article discussing the decline in the president’s mental capacity. Despite this, loyal supporters of MSNBC seem to be the only ones not acknowledging Biden’s apparent cognitive decline.

It is becoming increasingly difficult for Democrats to defend Biden’s mental mistakes as deep fakes or misinformation. Even those on the conservative side are noticing Biden’s questionable performances. If Democrats continue with this defense, they may face significant losses in the future.

Written by Staff Reports

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