Just In: Trump Reveals Biden as ‘Dumbest’ Senator, as Told by Kennedy

Former President Donald Trump revealed in an exclusive interview with Breitbart News that Ted Kennedy, the late Democratic senator, once referred to President Joe Biden as the “dumbest” person in the U.S. Senate. Trump described Biden as a “very vicious guy” who is surrounded by “vicious people” and lacks intelligence. He claimed that Biden’s academic credentials are evidence of his lack of smarts.

Trump went on to say that Biden has successfully fooled the American people into thinking he is “nice,” but Kennedy’s assessment contradicts that perception. According to Trump, Kennedy described Biden as someone who doesn’t understand concepts, policies, or complex matters like taxes. Despite these alleged shortcomings, Biden is now the president.

Trump expressed his belief that Biden suffers from “Trump Derangement Syndrome” and accused him of being a puppet for radical leftists who secretly hate America and are using Biden to advance their agenda. Trump also criticized the weaponization of law enforcement against political opponents, calling it a dangerous move that is typically seen in third world countries. He referred to those steering Biden as “unrestrained lunatics” who will do whatever it takes to hold onto power but expressed confidence in his own ability to win.

Written by Staff Reports

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